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A popular and visually pleasing way to secure your property

Looking for a fencing product that stands apart from the pack? A popular choice for a broad range of purposes is our Tubular Steel Fencing. With a variety of styles and features, you can keep your property secure in style.

The most popular use for tubular steel fencing is to act as a barrier or divider on your property. You will often find tubular fencing in areas where children are present, such as schools, playgrounds and parks. It is also widely used to provide protection for pedestrians in areas near roads or car parks.

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Tubular Fencing - Ultimate Security & Durability

Range of tubular fencing products and an installation service tailored to your property

K-Line Tubular Fencing – Customised for your specific project needs.

With our wide range of options and accessories, you can be sure we can provide you with the perfect fence to provide protection while still being visually appealing. Tubular steel fencing comes with powder-coating in the colour of your choice. With the option of different design styles and even a variety of spear toppers, it will be sure to add to the aesthetic of your premises.

Powder Coating, tubular fencing, garrison fencing

Powder-coating provides long life reliable security fencing

Powder-coating is a process that provides a hard coating that is tougher than paint. It helps fences withstand the elements and protects against corrosion.

Our tubular steel fencing goes through a full powder-coating process including etching, degreasing and a phosphorus treatment. With the colour of your choice, it also makes your fence visually appealing.

Tubular Steel Fencing Features Include:
  • All pre – galvanised materials used.
  • Welds are Silicon. Steel post caps.
  • 16mm diameter x 1.2mm uprights.
  • Cast aluminum rail brackets.
  • Powder-coating provides additional protection against corrosion.
Tubular Fencing Design Options:
  • Swinging or sliding gates.
  • Powder-coating in your choice of colour.
  • A large range of tubular steel fencing design styles.
  • A variety of spears.
  • Custom built tubular fencing designs to meet your specifications.

K-Line Commercial Fencing Perth have been providing reliable and high-quality service for over 40 years. Learn why we have survived and what sets us apart from the rest

Tubular Fencing - Make Your Property 100% Secure

Extensive range of quality tubular steel fencing with a large variety of styles


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Looking for a steel fencing product for great property protection?

K-Line offer a range of steel fencing options for your steel fencing needs.