Wholesale Timber Colonial Picket Fencing

Classic Look High Quality Colonial Picket Fencing Perth

Colonial picket fencing offers a timeless and classic look that is synonymous with the idea of the Aussie dream. We all just want our little patch of grass with a white picket fence, and some things never go out of style.

Treated Timber Picket Fencing Protected from Termites

Colonial timber picket fencing has an unbeatable look that is suitable for many different fencing projects. At K-Line we understand the durability of timber fencing is a concern for some clients. That is why all products supplied are of the highest quality and treated for protection against termite invasion.

We carry a range of colonial picket fencing materials in stock, ready for prompt dispatch.

Colonial Picket Fencing Options Include:

  • Optional turned post tops to match each picket design
  • Galvanised steel posts available for fences on limestone walls
  • Custom made gate frames to suit your requirements
  • Large galvanised steel gate posts available on request
  • Concrete and an extensive range of accessories available

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As a wholesaler for residential fencing contractors, please note we do not supply fencing materials direct to the residential market.

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