Wholesale Fencing Supplies in Perth

K-Line Fencing Group provide Wholesale Fencing components for contractors in Perth and throughout WA.

K-Line is the most trusted wholesale fencing supplies company in Perth and throughout WA. We provide fencing contractors with high quality products and value-driven service to save our clients time.

Why fencing contractors save more with K-Line Fencing Group:

  • Pre-packed orders – We get your order ready ahead of your deadline.
  • Huge range in-stock.
  • Fast response times – Ensuing your order is ready for dispatch promptly.
  • Outstanding customer service.


As K-Line Fencing Group is a wholesaler for residential fencing contractors, please note we do not supply fencing materials directly to residential market.

Looking for a reliable wholesale fencing supplies company?

Give the Experts at K-Line a call to find out how we can help you.