Industrial and Commercial Fencing Design, Security Fencing Design

Fencing Consultations & Planning

Selecting the right set-up of security fencing is the key to achieving the level of protection you require while working within your budget.

With such a large range of security fencing designs out there, we will endeavour to provide the right fencing solution to meet your specific needs. To make sure you get the best fence for your property, we offer a free fencing consultation and quote. We will come to site and meet with you, at a convenient time for you, to:

Industrial and Commercial Fencing Design, Security Fencing Design
  • Understand what your concerns are
  • Scope out your requirements
  • Measure your fence line
  • Identify any site peculiarities
Fencing design that’s done the way you want it done.

Book in for your convenient free consultation, measure and quote and we’ll work with you to find the right fencing solutions.

Once we have a clear understanding of your specific requirements, we will plan your fence project for you. This planning process will include:

  • Identifying the best fence materials for the job
  • Put together the project plan
  • Put together your formal quote for approval

You will be able to consult with us during this process to ensure the fence design meets your expectations and needs.

To help with the planning process one of the skills we’ve developed over the years is to take into account the exact nature of your property, your specifications and needs and design a fencing solution for your optimum accessibility.